Signal Integrity Design Engineers

Job Description
Samtec is currently seeking talented Signal Integrity Design Engineers. Candidates should be interested in working in an innovative, fast-paced, non-bureaucratic, environment.
The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications AND qualities:


BSEE + 5 years experience designing/developing high speed, RF, or microwave connectors

Experience using 3D field solvers to study electromagnetic effects

Familiarity with high volume connector manufacturing methods and processes

Proven track record of successful connector design projects

Experience with TDR & VNA testing high speed interconnects

Experience performing system level circuit simulations for signal integrity analysis

Ability to generate reports based on simulation and empirical testing

Knowledge of PCB and high speed cable assembly design/fabrication methods desirable

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are a must


Inherent nature to be flexible

Innovative mind-set

Speed/Service oriented

Desire to develop win/win solutions



Job Code

State or Province


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