Applications Engineer - Refinery

Job Description
Discipline Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering
Posted 10-25-2011

Supports Honeywell Distributed Control Systems (DCS) applications and hardware. Also supports the Aspen DMC Advanced Controls and the Honeywell PHD Data Historian, Programmable Logic Controllers and Emergency Shutdown Systems. Supports all aspects project work, day to day reliability support, system upgrades and incident investigations for both instrumentation and application engineering for our refinery. This position has no direct or indirect reports. This position has no budgetary responsibilities or accountabilities.

Main Responsibilities:

1.Provide support to existing basic and advanced process controls and the entire realm of process control applications.

2.Configure, program and maintain DCS system and applications. This includes the specific DCS hardware and software in the control rooms and the field locations.

3.Develop new DCS based closed-loop computer process control applications and general software applications for improved process operability. Work with outside consultants in the application of purchased technology.

4.Configure, update, and maintain PHD Plant Data Historian.

5.Configure and support advanced control systems, specifically Aspen DMC.

6.Program and support PLC’s using RSView and RSLogix.

7.Support new projects including distributed control system and general field instrument engineering.

8.Assist the instrument maintenance staff in troubleshooting field instrumentation related to process control systems.

9.Identify opportunities for improving control system performance.

10.Identify opportunities for improving systems personnel safety, equipment reliability and profitability.


•Prefer five years of direct experience with Honeywell Distributed Control Systems, and personal computers. Specific experience in Honeywell Experion and TPN DCS is preferred as well as BS in chemical engineering.

•Prefer 5-10 years of operating experience in refining or related industries.

•Familiarity with computer hardware and software. Requires specific knowledge of distributed control systems and related instrumentation.

•Must know Aspen DMC Plus, Honeywell’s PHD Data Historian, AB RSLogix and RSView, Emergency Shutdown Systems (SIL Rating etc)

•The ability to troubleshoot problems during work hours as well as off hours as problems might occur. A good working knowledge of petroleum refining processes.

•The ability to work in the field, climb ladders, etc.


Hess Corporation

Job Code

State or Province

New Jersey

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