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How is North American Job Bank different from other career sites?

There are several differences:

- North American Job Bank is a job post archive. Job posts are not removed after they are filled. So, candidates get to see hiring trends.

- While job notices may be emailed to candidates based on their resume submissions, employers do not have access to North American Job Bank's resume database. Thusly, candidate privacy is better preserved.

- Dramatically lower job posting cost makes North American Job Bank financially attractive to small and mid-sized companies expanding candidates' potential access to a larger and more diverse group of employers.

- No advertising clutter, banner ads or pop-ups. Just jobs.

What is a Job Archive and what are its benefits?

North American Job Bank is a job post archive. Job posts are not removed and do not expire for years.

Many other career sites expire posts before they are filled and open positions are no longer advertised.

At North American Job Bank candidates can:

- Identify the companies which sought their type of skills in the past.

- Discover hiring trends.

- Locate open jobs whose postings have expired elsewhere.

- Market themselves to non-requisitioned positions.

Do I have to register with North American Job Bank to apply for jobs?


How do I find a job that fits by background?

Step One: Visit

Step Two: Click on Search Jobs button

Step Three: Enter criteria and click on Search button.

How do I apply for a job?

Step One: Find a job that fits your background. How

Step Two: Click on at bottom of job description or from matching job list.

Step Three: Complete Job Application and click on located at lower right corner of page.

How do I submit a resume to be considered for future positions?

Step One: Visit

Step Two: Click on Submit Resume button

Step Three: Complete Resume Submission form and click on

Can I use advanced search operators (AND, OR, etc.) to search for jobs?


Job Search

Lots of opportunities are available right now!!

“Within seconds you can find the latest job that fits your background - search by  
location, title and job description”  

Use OR between keywords and phrases to find more jobs. Example:

Use AND between keywords and phrases to narrow prospects. Example:

Enter criteria then click Search button. Your matching results will be returned below the Search Fields Section. Click on any position title to view the complete job description.

Perhaps you want our system to sort through the jobs for you. Submit your resume and it will! We'll email a copy of every job opportunity that matches your credentials. Click here to learn more.

How do I enable cookies on my computer?

Steps to enable cookies on Internet Explorer:

Step One: Click "Tools" on the browser menu and select "Internet Options".

Step Two: Click on "Privacy tab and then click button.

Step Three: Check "Override automatic cookie handling" and "Always allow session cookies".

Step Four: Click

Step Five: Restart your computer.

How do I update or edit my resume?

Click on the Submit Resume button and submit your updated information. The system will automatically locate your record and replace the data.

To protect candidate privacy, North American Job Bank does not provide visitors with access to prior resume submissions.

Why does my resume lose its format when I paste it into the Paste Resume field?

There are too many different word processing and publish programs which can be incompatible with employer systems. So, North American Job Bank strips hidden computer code used for formatting and then, after the resume is submitted, the system automatically reformats the resume to a universally readable format that works with virtually all systems before it is submitted to the employer.

What is North American Job Bank's policy with Job Aggregators?

Job aggregators are welcome to collect jobs from our website and link applicants back to specific jobs on our website.

The URL provides a map to job listings.

Note that North American Job Bank is an archive and that the lowest number map pages are the most recent listings. If it is your website's policy to only list active jobs then it is advisable to scrape only from the first five map pages.

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