Assistant Plant Manager

Job Description
The Assistant Plant Manager will be responsible for managing all aspects of production and maintenance and ensures all employees meet the standards for safety, environment, quality, efficiency, and housekeeping.

Works with the Plant Manager to schedule daily production and oversees production on the shop floor to ensure the necessary resources are provided for efficient and effective production.
Selects, assigns, evaluates and instructs the Production Managers & their staff.

Develops subordinates through teaching, coaching and implementation of training programs.

Assists the Plant Manager in developing and leading capital projects in accordance with the Project Management System.

Assists the Plant Manager in developing and implementing continuous process improvements on the shop floor, specifically related to safety, environment, efficiency and housekeeping.

Manages the overall maintenance plan for the plant and coordinates these activities in order to meet customer demands.

Analyzes and reports monthly performance.

Monitors the plantís KPIs and develops action plans to meet the plantís objectives.

Continuously improve managers and staffís capability by employing a personnel training program.

Manages plant operations in plant manager's absence.

Any other duties as assigned by the Plant Manager

Candidate profile requirements

Extensive knowledge and experience in a 24/7plant operations. Able to effectively organize work, procedures, equipment, materials and staffing needs. Effectively builds and leads a strong production work team. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

B.S. degree in Engineering, Production Management, Industrial Technology or equivalent. MBA preferred but not required. Minimum of 10 years experience in mineral processing, paper making or similar industries.


Omya Inc. - Verpol Plant

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