Associate Director- Bioinformatics

Job Description
Specific Responsibilities:

We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated bioinformatics scientist to take a lead role in data mining, statistical analysis and experimental design, to support multiple therapeutic areas from target assessment to biomarker discovery. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment to enable Gileadís biomarker research objectives with a focus on analyzing proteomic, genomic, and next generation sequencing data. Additional responsibilities will include overseeing the development and maintenance of a biomarker database integrating data from diverse information sources.

Essential Duties and Job Functions:

- Develop in collaboration with biomarker scientists project and/or disease based biomarker analysis plans and strategies

- Develop and implement standardized analysis plans for data analysis and quality control of gene expression, GWAS and other large data sets from collaborations with academia and observational (non-interventional) studies

- Apply and create statistical and computational tools for analysis of large pharmacogenomic data sets from publicly available, commercial, or proprietary genomic databases

- Design and apply bioinformatics algorithms, unsupervised and supervised methods, tree methods, univariate and multivariate regression analyses, etc. to enable the discovery of predictive and prognostic biomarkers and biomarker signatures utilizing preclinical and clinical data

- Utilize statistical modeling techniques to determine the pay-off of using biomarkers for patient enrichment / selection in clinical studies

- Collaborate with external vendors and partner companies to implement innovative informatics and analytics solutions to meet biomarker research needs

- Oversee and provide technical guidance to IT and contractors enabling the development and maintenance of a biomarker database integrating data from disparate high-throughput techniques and diverse information sources into a common framework

Knowledge, Experience and Skills:

- A PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, genomics, computer science, or a related field with a minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience

- Excellent written and oral communication skills

- Strong programming skills in scientific software development and hands on experience with high performance computing systems

- Expertise in developing algorithms and applications for pattern recognition, machine learning, data analysis and data mining

- Hands-on industry experience in analyzing, interpreting large-scale biological datasets, including genomics, proteomics, mass spectrometry, high throughput screening, etc.

- Experience in overseeing the development and maintenance of computer systems and databases used to organize and analyze large amounts of genomic, pharmacological and other biological data

- Demonstrated ability to collaborate with research scientists and external vendors and partner companies



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