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Job Description
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Amyris is building an integrated renewable products company using breakthrough science and an innovative business model to address some of our planetís most daunting problems. Amyris first developed its technology under a non-profit initiative to provide a reliable and affordable source of artemisinin, a highly effective anti-malarial therapeutic and is now applying its industrial synthetic biology platform to provide alternatives to a broad range of petroleum-sourced products. Amyris No Compromiseô renewable fuels and chemicals are being designed to perform comparably to, or better than, the products they will replace.

Job Description

Amyris is seeking an Associate Scientist (aka Research Associate) with training in microbial genetic engineering or biotechnology to participate on a team engaged in metabolic pathway engineering for the production of petroleum-replacement chemicals via microbial fermentation. The work environment at Amyris requires intensity, teamwork, accountability, rigor, and follow-through. This position lies in Physiology division of the Biology department.


∑ DNA isolation and manipulation, including PCR amplification, PCR-mediated strand overlap extension (aka SOEing or stitching), cloning, plasmid minipreps, genomic DNA isolation, colony PCR

∑ Genetic engineering, including DNA transformation of microbes (e.g., S. cerevisiae and E. coli) and standard microbiological techniques

∑ DNA sequence manipulation, including primer design, in silico construction of DNA sequence maps, analysis of sequencing reactions, alignments of multiple sequences

∑ Substrate consumption assays, metabolite production assays, cell biological assays

∑ Tracking and processing many samples; multi-tasking on multiple activities

∑ Perform qualitative and quantitative evaluations of data, including graphing and simple statistical analyses

∑ Good record keeping in laboratory notebooks, written summaries, oral presentations, written protocols, and company databases

∑ Maintain personal and shared work areas and equipment in good shape

∑ Carry out assigned shared laboratory housekeeping tasks


∑ Bachelorís or Masterís degree in genetics, microbiology, biochemistry or a related program

∑ Experience with molecular biology techniques including PCR, gene cloning, primer design, and sequence analysis

∑ Experience in genetic engineering of microorganisms

∑ Motivated, hard-working, dedicated, enthusiastic individual

∑ Excitement about learning and implementing novel experimental techniques

∑ Good communications skills; able to work effectively as part of a team

∑ Excellent analytical, organizational and multi-tasking skills

∑ Proficiency in writing and delivering oral presentations

∑ Computer literacy, including Microsoft Office and sequence analysis software



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