CNC Mill Operator/Programmer

Job Description

The CNC Mill Operator/Programmer programs, sets up, operates, or tends milling or planing machines to mill, plane, shape, groove, or profile metal work pieces.


Selects and installs cutting tool, stylus, and other accessories according to specifications, using hand tools or power tools

Moves controls to set cutting specifications, position cutting tool and workpiece in relation to each other, and start machine

Observes machine operation and adjusts controls to ensure conformance with specified tolerances.

Turns valve to begin and regulate the flow of coolant on work area

Verifies alignment of workpiece on machine, using measuring instruments, such as rules, gauges, or calipers

Determines specifications or procedures for tooling set-up, work piece dimensions or numerical control sequences, using blueprints, instructions and machine knowledge.

Revises programs to eliminate errors and retest programs to check that problems have been solved

Modifies existing programs to enhance efficiency

Enters computer commands to store or retrieve parts patterns, graphic displays or programs that transfer data to other media

Selects cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut, applying knowledge of metal properties and shop mathematics

Moves cutter or material manually or by turning handwheel, or engages automatic feeding mechanism to mill workpiece to specifications

Studies blueprint, layout, sketch, or other specifications to determine materials needed, sequence of operations, dimensions, and tooling instructions.

Records production output.

Makes templates or cutting tools.

Job Skills & Experience Required:

High school diploma

10+ years of experience setting up and running a variety of CNC Mills

5+ years experience in programming CNC Mills

Must have experience with G & M codes

Competent with micrometers, calipers and basic measurement equipment

Proficient with best machining practices and in machine feed/speed rates

5+ years experience with Mastercam

Ability to interpret and implement Blue Print Specifications.

Must be able to interpret GD & T tolerances

Self-starter and highly motivated

Team oriented person

Quality and safety conscious

Excellent work habits and ethics

Must have own tools

Job Skills & Experience Preferred:

Experience in ballscrew manufacturing

Experience with manual mills

Experience in other types of CNC machining


Phillips Service Industries, Inc.

Job Code

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