CPO Manufacturing Engineer

Job Description

1.Makes final decisions of all designs of tooling, jigs, fixtures, etc.

2.Analyze, plan, design, and oversee construction and application of new and rework tooling and fixturing.

3. Maintain applicable tool design files and master tool drawing.

4.Evaluate methods, equipment, manpower, and new trends in manufacturing techniques and determine feasibility recommending those providing cost reductions in manufacturing operations. Write reports, obtain managements approval (write ARís), and implement.

5.Recommend the purchase and installation of new equipment, building construction, etc. to meet business plans of the division.

6.Provide the manufacturing operation with the most efficient routing and methods practicable to produce chain products according to engineering specifications at the most attractive cost levels.

7.Provide assistance to the manufacturing departments to resolve problems relates to methods, tooling, CNC/NC software, and machine capability.

8.Provide CNC programs for all the CNC machines in the shop.

9.Provide support to maintain department, such as getting machine parts repaired or made new.

10.Keep plant layout updates.

11.Continue self-development through the use of field trips to vendors, machine shops, tooling seminars, tool show attendance, and trade magazines.


A BS degree or equivalent in Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Industrial Engineering, along with 5 years experience in technical industrial engineering. Or an Associate Degree in the above and 10 years experience.


Joy Global Inc.

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