Chemical/Biochemical Engineer

Job Description
Home Office: Warrenville, Illinois ( Chicago- Western Suburbs)

Position Summary

In this position the Chemical/Biochemical Engineer will report to a Technical Director and work within a multidisciplinary team to develop syngas fermentation technologies and successfully contribute to completion of key projects and business objectives.

Job Responsibilities

Design, set up and conduct syngas fermentation experiments in laboratory and pilot-scale bioreactors
Analyze experimental data to determine bioreactor performance, including gas transfer, cell growth and product formation, and calculate mass balances
Develop operating conditions to optimize bioreactor performance
Perform mathematical modeling of bioreactor and evaluate various bioreactor system configurations
Participate in development of process flow diagrams and mass and energy balances for commercial scale plants
Report results in the forms of oral presentations and written reports

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Ph.D. in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering with more than 5 years relevant experience
Significant R&D experience in microbial fermentation using laboratory and pilot scale fermentors in batch, fed-batch and continuous modes
Considerable knowledge of general commercial fermentor design and operating practices
Significant knowledge of gas-liquid mass transfer models and correlations in bioreactors
Significant knowledge of biological reaction kinetics and bioreactor models
Excellent hands-on skills in setup and use of general laboratory equipment
Significant experience in automation and control and the use of supervisory control and data acquisition software
Considerable skills in advanced engineering calculations and mathematical modeling/simulation using spreadsheet and commercial mathematic modeling software
Strong interpersonal and communication skills


Coskata, Inc.

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