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Job Description:

We are a company whose integrity and principles are reflected in our safety, engineering and business practices.

Our continued growth and success are a direct result of our high quality team.


Along with and under the direct supervision of the Chief Chemist, is responsible for the safe, efficient and accurate operation of the lab instrumentation and sample preparation.

Ensure accuracy of all instrumental analyses and necessary QC documentation including standards.

Ensure best possible methods are being utilized for everything from sample procurement, sample preparation, analytical methods and instrument usage.

Develop standards procedures for all lab tasks. Assist with training employees on standards.

Interact with customers to ensure alignment of lab processes and analytical results with their needs, accuracy and schedule.


Ensure you and lab personnel always work in a safe manner.

Lead safety and health programs and initiatives in department. Enforce safety and company rules.

Bring forward safety issues.

Learn MSDS for materials you or lab personnel work with or are exposed to in the plant.

Train lab personnel on all MSDS.

Ensure reagent/chemical samples are labeled when transferred to other containers. Remove old chemicals from site.


Ensure best quality possible from lab personnel.

Develop and document standards procedures for all lab tasks. Assist with training employees on the standards. Create a sign off sheet for the training.

Monitor and modify procedures for all lab tasks to ensure ‘fit-for-purpose’. Perform spot
checks for accuracy/precision of results and that procedures are being followed.

Ensure consistency in all lab tasks regardless of who is performing task.

Hold lab personnel accountable for the analyses that they produce.

Instruct technicians in proper instrument operation, standardization, care and maintenance.

Take on Lab Supervisor responsibilities in his absence.


Use the best instruments and latest techniques to perform lab analytical functions.

Recommend appropriate instruments and equipment and change techniques when warranted.

Ensure field sampling stations are appropriate as well as safe to get a representative sample.

Maintain and monitor laboratory equipment to ensure proper function.

Perform instrument method development as needed.

Learn the detailed concentration processes for all three plants (East, West and North) including flowsheet, typical results, brine chemistry, etc.

Periodically perform statistical analysis of analytical results in all categories to monitor precision and accuracy of procedures and analyses. Regularly report results and make modifications where needed.


Document and distribute results of all lab analysis in an electronic format (SQL, Access, Excel, Word, etc.).

Design and maintain computer programs, with a strong emphasis on Microsoft Excel and Access knowledge.

Assist engineers, supervisors and consultants with special sample analysis.

Never allow poor or erroneous data to leave lab. Develop customer confidence that all numbers have been checked and rechecked if necessary.


Consistency will be the norm. No matter who does the analyses, the results will be the same.

Communicate chemical and instrumentation needs to Lab Supervisor.

All lab personnel will be cognizant and will follow procedures for the tasks they are performing.

Lab personnel will set an example for all surface employees – safety attitude, work ethic, etc.

Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree in analytical chemistry or related field or 5 to 10 years related experience/training or an equivalent combination

Experience in dealing directly with lab customers is required

Knowledge of potash and fertilizer production is very important

Good written and verbal communications skills

Able to work with cross functional groups

Able to read, analyze and interpret scientific data and information

High-end business knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access) and comfortable with computers and electronic communication tools

· Safety-conscious, self-motivated, proficient communication skills, long-term career goals, exceptional work ethic


Intrepid Potash, Inc.

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New Mexico

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