Civil Engineer/Structural Engineer/Project Manager

Job Description
This role will entail the following expectations and responsibilities:

This role reports to the Senior Project Manager, Vice President and General Manager, or the Architect.

This role requires a pro-active individual to create, plan, develop and implement. The role is designed to do the planning and execution of projects with traditional project management tools for planning projects, assigning task deadlines, tracking progress, staying within budget of time and dollars, managing documents and charging time. The Project Manager will be required to go to different sites in the field and be accountable for numerous projects simultaneously.

The Project Manager will be the essential link and main point of contact with the client in the field. As a representative for the firm, the project manager is to present the firm in a professional manner, with an appreciation of business development and establish relationships with the client personnel that foster client ties. This includes up-sell opportunities for additional work as they relate to a specific project. The Project Manager must be hands on and responsible for direction to successfully deliver the scope of work of the highest standard to the client.


? Must develop a good understanding of goals and objectives of projects
? Executes project work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

? Effectively communicates relevant project information to superiors, which includes resolving and or escalating issues in a timely fashion

? Reviews scope of work-deliverables with Manager to confirm expectations

? Delivers engaging, informative, well organized final reports.

? Must have sufficient knowledge of the technicalities involved to understand the scope of work issues and our responsibilities to the client

? Assure compliance with the organizations project management guideline

? Must be familiar with project budgeting, understands basic revenue models, P/L and cost –to-completion projections and makes decisions accordingly.

? Have the ability to multi task. Must be able to plan and organize several project activities including determining resource requirements

? Control the scope of work and avoid scope creeping

? Assure the quality of the project management process

? Project status reporting and forecasting

? Ensure that the quality services we provide are of the highest standard and therefore must
meet or exceed the client expectations

? Track and reports hours and expense on a daily basis

? Suggests areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions

Job Specifications:
Education: Bachelors Degree

Experience: The Project Manager must be familiar and have working industry knowledge of construction, development as well as research skills when needed.

Required skills and knowledge:

The Project Manager should be independent, have leadership skills and strong work ethics to be a role model and mentor to their peers.

Must be able to multi-task and be flexible

Must possess strong computer skills

Must be an effective communicator both verbal and in writing reports.


Kipcon Inc.

Job Code

State or Province

New Jersey

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