Director, Transgene Design

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The Director of Transgene Design will be responsible for directing the activities of a team of DNA vector architects as well as the development of infrastructure and software solutions for the design and construction of plasmid DNA vectors.

Job Snapshot:
Posted On:8/28/2012 12:34:23 PM
Location:Blacksburg, VA
Department:UltraVector Division
Job Type:Full Time
Experience:3 - > 10 Years
Reference Id:153
Travel Required:Negligible
Manage Others:Yes


The Director of Transgene Design will be responsible for directing the activities of a team of DNA vector architects as well as the development of infrastructure and software solutions for the design and construction of plasmid DNA vectors. This individual will interface with key personnel in Intrexonís commercial divisions to facilitate the entry of new vector construction projects at the UltraVector Division (UVD). This person will also be responsible for monitoring the success of current production strategies, and will work with members of the logistics, process development, automation, and software development teams to optimize vector production efficiency and data organization.


Direct the DNA vector architecting activities of the pre-production team, including the generation of vector designs in the database, the generation of work instructions for all laboratory workstations, and the generation of DNA sequence verification requirements for vectors.

Oversee the ordering of all outsourced oligonucleotides for de novo synthesis, DNA amplification, and DNA sequencing.

Direct and perform infrastructure related activities that improve the pre-production process and support process improvements in the production lab.

Effectively diagnose failures as they occur and if required, implement change processes to prevent future failures.

Manage all redesign work and oversee any troubleshooting of vector design information.

Maintain communication with the divisionís project managers to ensure they have the support they need to design and request vectors for submission to UVD.

Oversee communications with Intrexon embedded gene designers (EGDs), and optimize process workflow for vector production ordering.

Work with relevant teams to automate the generation of vector design and laboratory production instructions.

Maintain effective communications with the vector production lab management team to ensure process efficiency of vector production strategies. Ensure that all pre-production processes are up-to-date with current laboratory processes.

Monitor performance of vector construction strategies in real time and adapt strategies when necessary to optimize output and efficiency.

Develop, implement, and support standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all pre-production processes.

Lead infrastructure development projects and pilot new molecular approaches that will improve efficiency of vector production strategies.

As required, manage high priority vector construction projects at the level of coordinating instructions to the laboratory, management of materials (DNA resources) needed by the laboratory, and management of work going into the laboratory to ensure critical path milestones are met in a timely manner.

Perform other duties as assigned.


Reports to: Senior Director, DNA Vector Production Development
Supervisory: Yes (3-5 employees)


Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, or related discipline.
Considerable bench work experience in molecular biology.

Experience in the area of experimental design with a focus on essential experimental controls.

Experience in the use of software tools for developing basic cloning/subcloning strategies for the construction of DNA vectors.

Minimum 3-4 years of management experience in industry.

Experience with PCR based DNA modification and mutagenesis.

Experience in DNA primer/oligonucleotide design and use.

Experience with a wide range of DNA modifying enzymes, including basic restriction endonucleases.

Experience with DNA recombination and genome modification is a desired plus.

Familiarity with the use of bioinformatics tools for sequence management and analysis.

Experience in a high throughput laboratory and knowledge of laboratory automation is a plus.

Experience with standard DNA and protein sequence analysis tools.


Knowledge of and hands-on technical expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, and cellular biology

Advanced skills in technical literature search and analysis

Demonstrate the highest ethical standards and trustworthiness

Detail oriented approach to work

Ability to achieve in a milestone-driven, rapidly changing research environment

Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment with scientists of different backgrounds and experience levels

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Skills in work and time management under project multitasking conditions

Planning, organization and execution skills

Ability to maintain a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail

Possess a high degree of personal responsibility


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