EBDM Process Engineer

Job Description

The EBDM Process Engineer shall be routinely involved with all phases of assigned projects for the successful operation and support of the Electron Beam Direct Manufacturing equipment/cell. The position will reside primarily at Penn State University, in State College, PA although extensive time for training and orientation in Chicago, IL is necessary prior to operation in PA.

The person shall perform work on assigned equipment with a primary emphasis on machine EBDM applications, and will also work with the engineering, manufacturing and test departments to facilitate the associated project activities. The EBDM Engineer shall provide an efficient communication link between staff, customers and visitors.

The candidate will be responsible for developing and executing external customer and internal Direct Manufacturing projects involving electron beam (EBDM) and welding (EBW). This position will support EBDM/EBW processes which involves working with highly-engineered systems to build near net shape components using a combination of electron beam and wire feed.


Operate and maintain the assigned EBDM equipment for use for the company.
Outline/highlight any special areas in process specifications to comply with contract requirements, and formulate/direct the execution of the associated EBDM work.

Directly support the project management work efforts on the EBDM equipment and any associated welding processes, and act as the technical and contract liaison for the customer

Ensure that contracted specifications are adhered too during execution of the assigned
contracts, and that the projects are maintained within targeted timelines, schedules and costs.

Maintain responsibility for coordinating associated EBDM process reviews and teleconferences, as well as interfacing with personnel on assigned projects. The person will be involved in project meetings relating to assigned equipment/operations and be the designated liaison to forward information, questions, and requests to customer personnel.

Support customers in development/laboratory work related to EBDM/welding applications.

Maintain responsibility to provide overall technical understanding of the project goals and to provide clear and concise verbal and written communication between all the involved parties.


Bachelor's degree in Welding/Metallurgical Engineering Technology, or related discipline
Candidate must be a U.S. Citizen

Welding Technology Welding process development experience with a knowledge of welding and joining processes, at minimum GTAW and PAW, or LBW, with EBW and/or metallurgical knowledge preferred

Machine Controls Weld process experience including setup and programming using automated welding systems (CNC and / or robotic systems)

Production and Processing Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, and quality control

Mechanical Knowledge of machines and tools, and their use

Design Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and the principles involved in production of technical plans, drawings, and models

Writing / Communication Good writing skills with a strong emphasis on welding technology. Effective communication skills, must be able to work with a variety of internal departments as well as customers from a wide range of industries

Engineering and Technology Knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology


CNC Machining experience experience with RS274-G-code standards will be a plus

Understanding of metallurgy and basic metallographic methods. Particular expertise working with titanium and nickel-base alloys preferred.

Experience generating CNC tool-path programs using CAD/CAM systems will be a plus

Prior electron beam welding experience preferred


Phillips Service Industries, Inc.

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