Electrical Engineer III

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Description: Overview: R&D Defense - Evaluate customerís technical specification and derive specific controls-related requirements, investigate and assess COTS products, and develop unique solution that provides best value to the customer. Duties include customer/vendor interactions, control algorithm development, integration of COTS items, circuit card assembly design/development, physical packaging, test and evaluation.

Accountabilities: Responsible for adhering to project budget and working within loaded hours. Define objectives and interpret policies and objectives established by senior management and determine their effect on data and development requirements. Independently plan, design, and carry out work. This person is generally considered an authority on electronics control system implementation the . By using both proven and innovative design methodology, this position can save cost by specking out the best value components for each job. This position must be able to design the most logical, practical software solutions to meet the customerís expectations while meeting the projectís budget requirements.

Authority: To select proper components for a given project. Serve as a technical authority.

Environment: Typical office environment and minimal shop floor exposure.

Physical Demands: Minimal, repetitive motion issues (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), light lifting (up to
40 lbs.)

Please make certain you meet all of qualifications listed below prior to applying for this position.

Duties: Design, detail, program, start-up, and debug control systems Design, develop, and test electrical systems and electronic devices. Conduct tests, analyze test data, write test reports to record operating performance, and provide data to support product compliance with customer/internal specs and standards. Develop detailed engineering specs for new products. Provide recommendations for improvements in order to meet program objectives. Works with the proposal group to develop concepts for future projects. Provide input on time required and component pricing for quotes. Serve as a technical advisor to the proposal group on the feasibility of the controls aspect of the design. Suggest alternatives to improve concepts and processes. May be asked to train lower level Electrical Engineers

Qualifications: Education: Bachelorís degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience in the field and knowledge of machines and automation. Must have a basic understanding of control and fluid power systems.

Skills: Ability to create and understand circuit diagrams, develop control schematics, and integrate sensor systems. Ability to create technical specifications and technical interface documents. Ability to evaluate vendor products/capabilities and make recommendations to management. Ability to develop electronics packaging and create a thorough test plan, consistent with MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, etc.

Experience: 6+ years experience as an electrical engineer.

Personal Qualities: The ability to work with well with people. Organized. Good written and verbal skills, strong attention to detail, and ability to prioritize and multi-task. Must have the necessary personal attributes to communicate the customerís ideas to other members of the organization

Preferences: Experience working with electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits and above average mathematical reasoning skills.


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