Engineering Services Manager

Job Description
Leads team to plan preventive maintenance, inventory spare parts to minimize downtime (while balancing inventory costs), schedule calibrations and perform filter tests. Leads team to source emergency parts.

Provides engineering services to support annual manufacturing of 3 billion to 5 billion tablets & capsules (batch production of 2,500 to 4,500 batches).

Coordinates with Validation to ensure all production equipment is in a validated /calibrated

Works with Maintenance to ensure preventive/routine maintenance occurs on time and without interruption to the production schedule.

Participates in audits and investigations and recommends solutions to resolve problems.

Provides appropriate training and development to support staff to meet their respective job responsibilities.

Develops and implements productivity improvement plans.

Prepares budget and utilization studies.

Directs Contracted Services contractors

Strategy oriented position

Responsible for the budget for contracted services, spare parts, calibration, and contracted preventive maintenance.


Ohm Laboratories Inc.

Job Code

State or Province

New Jersey

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