Experienced Production/Mech/Engineering Manager

Job Description
Job Description
We are a small, growing company with niche products/services for civil engineering market. We are seeking a manufacturing engineer to run our prototyping and low volume high mix, 10 person manufacturing and assembly location in south county, RI. The successful candidate will possess excellent communication skills, written, electronic and verbal, will be able to work well with others in a team environment, mange shop personnel for design, assembly, welding, basic machine tools CNC(and manual) mill, lathe and injection molding. Must have the ability to set up formalized processes, Q/C and other management functions. Knowledge of design software, G code, basic computer functions (Excel Word) possess a high level of hands on mechanical ability. BS in engineering preferred; work experience/demonstrated ability will be considered.

We offer an attractive package with great salary and generous fringes -- 401K/Health/Vacation.. Please reply with your .pdf-formatted cover letter and resume' in strict confidence. No executive recruitment or employment agency referrals will be accepted. The Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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GEO-Instruments, LLC
24 Celestial Drive
Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882

Post on site: From 10/17/2011 until 3/16/2012
Categories: Engineering

Job Type: Regular
Full/Part Time: Full Time
Salary: Annual Salary
$45,000.00 to $65,000.00

Job Requirements

Personal attributes required include:
- The ability and desire to work safely at all times.
- Pride in work. A desire to perform with excellence and a personal attachment to the task at hand.
- Ability and desire to seek process improvement, and share those ideas within the shop.
- Maintaining a highly well-organized shop, including tools, materials, and supplies. Leaving the job site and the shop in a better condition than you found it.
- Ability and desire to solve challenges. A ""solution-finder"".
- Professional appearance and communication at all times.
- A continuous wariness of costs without affecting the job's performance.
- Ability to desire to perform in adverse conditions, including altitude, extreme temperatures, and remote locales.
- Ambition to move upward within the company and take on increased responsibility.

Education Requirements
An accredited engineering degree or demonstrated experience.


GEO Instruments

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State or Province

Rhode Island

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