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NetBio is a dynamic biotechnology and engineering company located in Waltham, MA. The Company’s products have been designed for use by non-technical operators outside the laboratory, features that are critical to address the enormous unmet needs of the rapidly emerging field-forward DNA Analysis markets. Since our founding in 2000, NetBio has developed a series of enabling microfluidic and molecular biology technologies applicable to both forensics and clinical diagnostics. These enabling technologies include sample preparation and DNA purification, rapid thermal cycling, highly multiplexed amplification, focused DNA sequencing, optical detection of DNA sequences, signal processing, and nucleic acid separation and detection. NetBio’s two product platforms are:

· Human Identification: A fully automated system that accepts a sample and automatically generates a DNA fingerprint in approximately 80 minutes. We are launching our first human identification products in 2012, and we’ve received significant support from Federal Agencies including the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense.

· Pathogen Identification: A focused clinical sequencing system that accepts clinical samples and identifies clinical pathogens and biothreats using genetic markers and/or rapid DNA sequencing. The platform is intended for use at the point-of-care, in clinics and physicians’ offices.

With strong commercialization partners, a powerful and diverse intellectual property portfolio, and over a decade of innovative R&D, NetBio is poised to become a leader in providing field-forward DNA Analysis Solutions. We are now looking for an accomplished Bioinformaticist to join our team.

Responsibilities include:

1. Designing PCR primers to target specific bacterial species and strains. Primers will be designed based on collections of whole genome sequences, and distinguishing strains of interest from near neighbors is critical. Primer sequences must be compatible with rapid, highly multiplexed amplification.

2. Interacting closely with other team members to accelerate development and optimization of the highly multiplexed pathogen identification platform.

3. Retrieving and compiling sequence data generated using state-of-the-art nucleic acid analysis software, performing alignment analysis, interpreting data, and delivering comprehensive publishable reports.

4. Keeping abreast of relevant publications, patent literature, and emerging bioinformatics tools and analysis software.


MS or PhD in Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, or related field of study with demonstrated expertise in PCR primer design, gene finding, sequence alignment analysis, and genome assembly. Knowledge in the use of database search tools and analysis software (e.g. Visual OMP, BLAST, ClustalW, CodonCode Aligner) are essential. Exemplary documentation and organizational skills and the ability to multi-task effectively are also required. The successful candidate will be highly motivated to succeed with a strong work ethic to achieve Company goals.



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