High Voltage Power Supply Engineer

Job Description

• Designs amplifier’s switching power supplies

• Single and three-phase prime power

• 500W to 10kW output power

• 5V DC to 18kV DC output voltages

• Power electronics will be integrated with solid-state and vacuum electron devices, such as klystrons and traveling wave tubes

• Responsible for sustaining products after transition to production

• Frequent travel within the US and Canada, particularly to the Georgetown, Ontario manufacturing facility a must


• Requires a BS degree in electrical engineering plus four years experience, or an equivalent combination of relevant technical education and experience such as a Masters degree plus two years experience of a PhD degree

• Experience with designing high power (50W-4kW) RF microwave amplifier products with and eye towards controlling manufacturing costs a plus

• Satellite communications experience preferred

• Switching power supply design experience a must

• High voltage design experience required

• Must have excellent interpersonal skills to work cross-functional interfaces and have the ability to lead a project team through the entire new product development process

• Familiarity with RF and microwave communications and test equipment a plus

• Requires experience with simulation tools such as SPICE, prototyping tools, and Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, etc.)

• Requires US Citizenship for security clearance


CPI - Communications & Power Industries

Job Code

State or Province


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