Job Description

We are currently seeking a Manufacturing Engineer with experience in product development for medium to high volume sensors and actuators. Experience with Automotive related products is preferred. Some of the typical automotive sensors and actuators that we work on include:

Crank and Cam position Sensors
Speed Sensors
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves
EGR Position Sensors
Idle Air Control Actuators
Various Types of Electrical Switches and solenoids

Standard Motor Products, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Typical Assembly Processes

The Manufacturing, Project Engineer should have experience in new production line set-up utilizing some of the following processes. Processes may be individual, operator involved, assembly stations or semi-automatic dial plate and conveyor assembly.

Hydraulic or pneumatic press with tooling for bending, staking, fitting or forming

Ultrasonic and heat stake assembly of plastic and metal components

CNC coil winding with magnet wire

Epoxy dispensing systems for gluing and potting

Magnetizing equipment

Resistance welding

TIG welding

Soldering processes

Riveting equipment

Brazing processes

Radial or orbital forming

Test systems for measuring electrical parameters, fluid flow and mechanical displacement

Wire cutting, stripping and terminating

Engineer should also have basic understanding of plastic molding and metal forming processes. Specifically, the capabilities and limitations associated with these processes.

Work Activities

Establish conceptual process layout with equipment & tooling requirements.

Provide manufacturing input to design engineer to reduce tooling, equipment & product cost.

Provide estimates or obtain quotes for tooling & equipment for project cost study.

Establish critical path timing plan from project approval to release to production.

Establish tooling and equipment specifications for purpose of quote & manufacture.

Source and select vendors for tooling & equipment.

Track status of tooling & equipment.

Debug equipment prior to pilot production.

Supply production department with tooling and equipment to reliably manufacture product to design intent, per established timing plan. Tooling and equipment to provide sufficient capacity for three year sales projection. Process should be capable of meeting cost intent of approved study.

Provide gages, equipment, & procedures for inspection and test of components, subassemblies and final assemblies.

Follow-up on component status so they will be available in sufficient quantity for the pilot
production run, per established timing.

Communicate process, equipment, pilot & production plans with factory representatives.

Establish process layout with factory representatives. Support factory with material handling equipment.

Arrange for facility requirements to be completed for machinery installation & hook-up.

Provide factory representatives with equipment documentation.

Arrange & run pilot with factory personnel.
Train factory representatives & assemblers in operation of production equipment.
Complete final Standard Operations List.
Provide production support regarding assembly problems, changes or cost reduction.
Provide technical support to other groups both internal & external to Engineering.


Candidates should have at least 5 years experience in development of new production line start-ups.
Experience in manufacturing electro-mechanical products is required
Manufacturing systems may encompass manual, semiautomatic and automated production equipment.
Responsibilities include specification, purchasing and start-up of new tooling, production equipment and test systems

In compliance with Federal and State equal employment opportunity laws, qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, or the presence of a non-job-related medical condition or handicap, sexual orientation, or citizenship status.


Standard Motor Products

Job Code

State or Province

New York

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