Job Description
Apply knowledge of materials and engineering theory and methods to design, integrate, and improve manufacturing systems or related processes. Work directly with production floor supervisors and managers to review manufacturing procedures and problems and to help improve production operations or resolve problems.


1. Helps to identify problems causing efficiency or quality loss. Analyze fixture, tooling, feed procedure and machining speed problems; coordinate with other production and engineering personnel; and help institute corrections.

2. Work on new program launch items, timelines and project management.

3. Provide operator training in how to identify problem causes and how to make corrections.

4. Assist with the machine setup of new products or product changeover. Assist production
personnel with new processes and product start up.

5. Install and oversee the production of sample or prototype products.

6. Submit sample castings to quality department for capability studies. Review problems or errors and coordinate corrective actions.

7. Conduct test on new tooling applicable to CNC or conventional machining equipment to determine means of improving production. Implement cost reduction or efficiency changes.

8. Provide assistance to maintain with hydraulic, coolant, fixture and other equipment repairs or adjustments.

9. Propose and implement cost reduction programs. Recommend production floor layout to improve efficiency of operations.


1. Expertise with quick-change tooling, fixturing, feeds and speeds as well as gauging.

2. Experience with Fanuc CNC and Allen-Bradley PLC controls.

3. Experience with Fanuc and ABB Robotics including trouble shooting, programming and integration.

4. Knowledge of vision systems, specifically Cognex.

5. A team player with good project leadership and customer interface experience.

6. Experience with FEMA and Statistical Process Control.

7. Excellent MS Office skills preferred.

8. Experience using AutoCAD.

9. Must have experience with CNC controlled machining equipment and possess the ability to program using ladder logic.

10. Controls experience with precision assembly equipment, tooling, fixtures, and gauging.

• Five plus years experience in an industrial manufacturing team environment, preferably automotive.
•TS-16949 - ISO 14001 experience.



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