Manager Casting and Refractory

Job Description

Responsible for the direction, supervision, coordination and standard development of the Casting and Refractory operations for the Georgetown Steel Mill.


The Manager of Casting and Refractory has complete supervisory and coordination responsibility for the Georgetown Mill Melting, Refining and Casting operations. To accomplish this goal, the incumbent supervises a staff of three exempt Shift Managaers. The production is on a 5-day continuous operation.

The incumbent reports to the Division Manager Steel Making along with the Manager Melting and Manager Maintenance.

Under the direction of the Division Manager Steel Making , this position is primarily accountable for the supervision of an operating shift of the Casting and Refractory areas of steel making. While the incumbent is restricted in decision making in certain areas (major breakdowns, serious labor problems, selection of materials), incumbent is given considerable latitude in the operation of the shift.

The incumbent must have six (6) to eight (8) years experience in steel making methods and techniques to include: basic metallurgical knowledge; broad melt shop background equivalent to a complete accredited apprenticeship training in order to produce over 100 different grades of carbon, low residual steel; experience in arc furnace, continuous casting operations, the operation of cranes and other heavy equipment, and the ability to diagnose breakdown maintenance problems and direct the maintenance repair function.

The incumbent is responsible for effective and efficient use of manpower and materials producing the maximum amount of quality steel at the lowest cost. Exercises immediate supervision over production employees involved in the operation and procedures pertaining to the continuous casting and refractory consumption and use of the steel making process. Assist, instruct, direct and train personnel in the operational procedures involved in the process along with the care of equipment used.


Arcelormittal Usa LLC

Job Code

State or Province

South Carolina

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