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Novelis is the world leader in aluminum rolling, producing an estimated 19 percent of the world's flat-rolled aluminum products. We are the No. 1 rolled products producer in Europe and South America, and the No. 2 producer in both North America and Asia.

Novelis is also the world leader in the recycling of used aluminum beverage cans. Annually, we recycle around 40 billion used beverage cans - enough to circle the earth more than 100 times.

Novelis is globally positioned, operating in 11 countries with approximately 11,600 employees. The company reported revenue of $11.1 billion in its 2012 fiscal year.

Role Overview:

Global Specialties is a new group to Novelis, similar to Global Auto and Global Can, but it will act in a very different way. Whereas Can and Auto have somewhat consolidated customers and larger focused markets, Global Specialties customer base is much larger, with much smaller order sizes (average specialty order in North America is ~17-34k lbs with ~300-400 sold to locations, and North America specialty is less complex than Asia and Europe).

In the new organization, the Manager will be the key support/guidance person for both the 4 Sr. Managers, Sales & Marketing that are in the central Sales & Marketing group, as well as a key interaction person for the four regions.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Phase 1 (1st 3-6 months): Assist the 4 Sr. Managers of the markets with their market assessments build owning the models and being responsible for the synthesis and replication of the models moving forward. In addition, this person will oversee gathering standard data from the regions with the Sr. Analyst (working with IT and Sales) to be able to build consolidated databases at the transactional level for all sales (likely monthly feeds). When 2.0 is in place, the manual work will go away and instead it will focus more on analysis. Once the data is collected, the Manager, along with the Sr. Analyst will be responsible for reviewing the data to highlight key trends at various levels (e.g., which customers prices rose/dropped? How did that affect volume? How are like customers/products priced? Where can we increase price?). The Manager will provide both vision and oversight to the analytics and data gathering (extremely important) and will be responsible for later articulating how the data is built to gather buy-in (most challenging aspect) with the sales teams (because we will act on the data).

Phase 2 (2nd 3-6+ months): The market assessment duties will transition to maintenance and synthesis of key changes in the market and should require less time than Phase 1. This will allow for more time to develop and syndicate standard reports for the regions on sales (including pricing trends) which can then be implemented. There will be a lot more interaction with the sales leaders within the regions, as well as regular sales people. Highlighting the analyses will be important, but this will then transition into detailed customer conversations with sales people as we develop account plans in CRM. The Manager and Sr. Analyst will be coached to have margin improvement conversations with the sales people. The Manager will have to know what is happening with the markets at all times, both historical, and future, understand the teams direction, what it takes to win, where we need to invest, and articulate this on a regular reporting basis (Manager is responsible for all monthly reports) and escalating issues/opportunities at the right times. In addition, this person will work closely with the Sales Sr. Managers and will participate in conferences.

Phase 3 (ongoing): This is the recurring portion of the role, and it will likely change/increase as the group develops. The Manager will be responsible for all regular reporting and gathering and escalating key insights to the group. He/she will be the primary filter for reporting and regularly work with the regions. This person will also focus a significant portion of their time on profitability once N2.0 is in place and will help with the central ERP profitability analysis/planning/actions that are arrived as a result. The Manager will be the ‘right hand’ person of the Director, Sales & Marketing, Global Specialties and will need to have the capabilities to manage multiple projects with teams that do not report to him/her, drive towards insights and deliver actionable recommendations very quickly.


6-10+ years work experience

Bachelors degree, hopefully in something analytical

MBA preferred

Strong analytics (hopefully previous experience)

Willingness/desire to learn

Ability to manage multiple teams across multiple time zones with few direct reporting relationships

Ability to act independently with an internal push to ‘go beyond’ to find deeper insights than prescribed

Ability to quickly analyze data, synthesize the data (both quantitative and qualitative) into specific recommendations

Speak English and be willing to relocate to Atlanta. Some Global Travel required.

Ability to absorb a large amount of information in a short period,

Ability to develop and maintain complex financial model,

Understanding of legal tools and options,

Good project coordination skills

Ability to leverage both internal and external contacts (will work with some outside consultants for market knowledge, e.g., GLG)

Ability to conduct and coordinate due diligence work / teams

Ability to build concise and pertinent presentations

Good communication skills

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