Manufacturing Engineer

Job Description
The Manufacturing Engineer at TURBOCAM is primarily responsible for the development of manufacturing processes and producing efficient, effective, and high quality CNC programs to machine parts according to the specifications set by the customer. The programming requirements are to support the CNC lathe, 5-axis CNC mills, and Coordinates Measuring Machines for use in the manufacture and inspection of prototype and production of those machined parts.

Areas of Responsibility
Receive and evaluate customer design information, drawings, and data.
Verify that all customer design information and data meets and supports original design intent.
Communicate directly with the customer and/or the Project Manager regarding any discrepancies with the models, the drawings, and design intent.
Develop a manufacturing process to effectively machine, produce, and inspect a quality part according to the customerís design and intent.
Build accurate geometric CAD models of 2-D turning, 3-D milling, and CMM probing geometry according to customer drawings and design intent.
Advise and consult with project managers, lathe machinists, and mill machinists to determine best approach and tooling requirements to manufacture parts.
Provide high quality, efficient lathe programs to the lathe department using appropriate CAD/CAM software tools.
Design methods and generate CNC lathe toolpaths, with input from machinists.
Provide high quality, efficient 5-axis mill programs to the mill department using appropriate CAD/CAM software tools.
Advise and consult with project managers, lathe machinists, mill machinists, and/or tooling department for cutting tools and tooling needed to complete projects.
Provide high quality, efficient CMM programs to the quality department using appropriate CAD/CAM and inspection software tools.
Coordinate lathe, mill, CMM programming priority and time to support the shop schedule.
Continually improve daily work and practices in terms of quality and quantity.
Search and implement technical advancements that will benefit the engineering department and TURBOCAM, Inc.
Provide other CAD modelling, 3-axis mill programming, and other technical services as needed.
Upkeep of records and paperwork.
Work with Project Managers and sales department to provide estimates of programming time and manufacturing time for new jobs.
Support the company mission statement and honor code.
Complies with established safety practices and is proactive in communicating potential safety hazards to the Safety Committee.
Perform other duties as necessary.
Education, Skills, Experience
High school diploma or equivalent.
4-year Engineering degree or related experience.
2 years experience in an engineering or manufacturing environment, preferred.
2 years experience using CAD and CAM software.
High comfort level and aptitude with various computer systems and software.
Strong math and trigonometry skills.
Ability to read design prints, understanding of ASME Y14.5M Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, and familiarization of inspection equipment and gages.

Bill King
General Manager

Rob Bujeaud
Vice President of Engineering


Turbocam International

Job Code

State or Province

New Hampshire

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