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The primary responsibility of the Manufacturing Test and Troubleshooting Engineer is support the Manufacturing Group with the troubleshooting and problem diagnostics of IneoQuest Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs). The candidate will also be assigned to develop JTAG-based test procedures for IneoQuest PCBAs using Corelis software tools. The ideal candidate will be familiar with all aspects of PCBA test methods and have a good understanding of design for test to maximize test coverage. Experience in working with FPGA will be helpful. The candidate must be able to work independently and make decisions without continuous supervision. Test procedure development often requires direct engagement with end users to discuss technical design details in an effort to satisfy test requirements. Candidates must e-mail communications skills and be able to analyze and communicate problems down to the root level.

The IneoQuest Manufacturing Test and Troubleshooting Engineer will become the resident experts of all JTAG-based test systems for IneoQuest PCBAs.

Position Requirements

Knowledgeable in Boundary Scan (JTAG) (IEEE 1149.1) Technology is a must.

Demonstrated track record of successful high-technology hardware and/or software design/test experience.

Excellent troubleshooting skills and willingness to work with Manufacturing Test Technicians.

Ability to debug or guide Manufacturing Test Technicians in debugging existing hardware that does not support JTAG testing by using or developing a small procedure to use VxWorks/JTAG Emulator.

Experience and Knowledge of C, :Linux and JTAG.

Experience with PowerPC, PCI/PCIe, 1G/10G Ethernet, QAM.

Ability to write low level diagnostics as a debugging tool.

Ability to understand and potentially makes changes to the RF calibration process, which includes a C program running on either a PC or Linux workstation.

Strong communication skills.

Excellent time management and people skills.

Hands on digital design and testing experience.

Programming experience, (i.e. FPGA) a plus.

Experience with custom built functional test systems is a must.

Experience with Rohde & Schwarz SFU Broadcast Test Systems is a must.

Video signal testing experience is a must.

Excellent technical writing skills.

Able to work in multi-tasking environment.

Knowledgeable in PC tools MS-Windows, MS office, etc.

BSEE a must.


IneoQuest Technologies Inc.

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