Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Description
Position Summary:
Mechanical Design Engineer is a leader for design, development and manufacturability of custom and standard systems for internal and sold systems.

Primary Responsibilities

The Mechanical Design Engineer is responsible for designing and developing laser-based systems that meet the customer's expectations and are within budget. The Mechanical Design Engineer has a leadership role in working with the Project Manager to coordinate teams that design, manufacture, test, install, and service engineered systems. Specific tasks include:

Evaluate a customer's application.

Participate in team selling activities.

Works closely with the Project Manager to communicate the status of the project

Directs, coordinates and/or performs activities of the design team for total machine design from inception through design, assembly and testing.

Performs design calculations, researches design alternatives and performs cost analysis to meet or exceed expected cost and performance targets.

Manages the proper documentation of the design project including layouts, bill of materials, detail drawings, ECR’s, etc.

Works closely with manufacturing and purchasing to assure the design is manufacturable.

Tests and analyzes prototype components.

Provides technical assistance during debug and installation.

Directs and coordinates the activities of design and drafting help as assigned.
Special assignments as required.

The Mechanical Design Engineer is responsible for the financial performance of each project. The Mechanical Design Engineer is also responsible for keeping projects on schedule, making every effort to ensure on-time delivery. In addition, the Mechanical
Design Engineer is expected to stay abreast of all relevant process and technology developments within the company and in the appropriate industrial sectors.

Hiring Qualifications:

Four year mechanical engineering degree and a minimum of two years mechanical engineering experience.

Minimum of ten years mechanical engineering experience in lieu of degree. Experience related to machine tool design is essential.

Demonstrated experience with effective customer communications relating to business, technical, and logistic matters.

Experience with leading multi-disciplinary teams whose members are provided from a matrix-type organization.

Experience with all phases of developing industrial equipment.

Demonstrated ability to deliver equipment that meets the customer's expectations and is within budget.

Interested in working on custom or ""one of"" systems.

Demonstrated technical or process experience in at least two of the following areas:

- Material handling components such as dial tables, feeder bowls, pick-and-place mechanisms, and robots.
- Automated material processing systems such as welding or cutting systems that process individual metallic parts.
- Automated web and/or sheet converting systems for materials such as paper, plastic, fabric, and composite films.
- Process knowledge relating to processing metallic, composite, or non-metallic materials.
- Industrial controls and/or software experience that use personal computers (PC) or programmable logic controllers (PLC).
- Tooling and fixture design for locating individual parts.

Knowledge of SolidWorks, Word, and Excel.

Darman Berg
Sr Project Manager

Ron Hofmann
Sr Vice President

Jim Borgen
Project Manager

Mike Regan
Managing Director


Preco, Inc.

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