Mechanical Engineer

Job Description
Job Description

The right person for the job will provide engineering design, maintenance support, and training to the manufacturing areas, and assess new and existing equipment to optimize efficiency, safety, quality, and cost effectiveness in the production of compact discs.

Develop project designs for research and development in support of corporate strategic planning requirements. Prioritize and complete design-engineering projects to maximize production and cost effectiveness. Design new equipment and machinery as conceived to support the in-house needs of Manufacturing and Engineering. Assist in building, installing, debugging, and testing new equipment to ensure production capabilities.

Determine maintenance schedules, procedures, and safety standards on current and new equipment to ensure equipment is operated, maintained, and serviced properly. Train technicians and operators in manufacturing procedures to ensure consistent adherence of inter-plant process specifications/standards. Stay ahead of the competition by lending creative talent to the design and formulation of new product lines and enhancements.

Apply analytical, evaluative, and constructive expertise to design engineering projects by the critical deadlines assigned.

Required Experience

Requires Bachelorís Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. A minimum of two to four years of experience in a technical environment.


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