Packaging Supervisor

Job Description
Description Main Objective:
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembly and packaging products and materials in a clean room and/or controlled environment. Ensures that throughput, workflow and production plan goals are accomplished by giving support to staff members in the following areas: communication, training, process improvement, employee relations, problem solving.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Compiles schedules and orders, such as personnel assignments, production schedule, work order flow, supply inventory, maintenance and repairs. Ensures proper and timely staff training and rotation program is functional. Assures proper maintenance of equipment and tooling is performed in conjunction with maintenance and the maintenance system.

2. Identifies complex problems and reviews information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Recognizes and addresses process problems regularly and encourages continuous process improvement environment.

3. Creates, updates and maintains decision/communication support reports such as status reports, production progress, schedules, priority lists, daily output, and materials inventory.

4. Requisitions and maintains inventory of materials and supplies to meet production demands/needs in both a timely and cost effective manner as per procedure.

5. Conducts time studies, research and special projects as requested, especially for new product runs. Coordinates with engineering and quality group and provides input for assembly and packaging of new product build.

6. Monitors manpower performance by keeping track of their attendance, productivity, quality and behavior and uses the data acquired to perform timely performance review and evaluation. Utilization of point system. Performs and documents recognition, coachings and corrections in a timely manner to assist employees on their path to success. Delegates responsibility and works with others to develop their capabilities.

7. Confers with Manager, Materials Mgmt./Kitting and Planning regarding the work orders for production considering the delivery schedule, material availability, updated documents and label requirements and manpower capacity.

8. Schedules and coordinates flow of work within or between departments and of work areas.

9. Updates work order material requirements as far as material part number and revision number is concerned. Comprehension of AMI BOM (both upper and lower level revision) coincides with the Arthrex Inc.ís BOM for proper packaging of products. Ensures accuracy of all components of the work order packet are accurate inclusive of revision numbers, materials, etc.

10. Reviews and processes change requests in a timely manner. Generates and updates work instructions and other procedures as needed. Works with Quality Assurance and Engineering to continue to improve on pre-existing procedures, forms, library documents, drawings and packaging instructions.

11. Ensures compliance to policy and procedure. Maintains currency with ISO/FDA and internal quality assurance policies. Reviews and provides timely action items of quality audit observations, daily unique identifier issues and other internal discrepancy issues encountered before, during and after product processing.

12. Adding/deleting materials on work order pick list as needed. Coordinates with packaging specialists, engineering, quality and materials control department in correcting paper work issues. Issues components as needed to maintain continuous flow of product.

13. Check Work Order List Forms and QAD encoding accuracy on a weekly/monthly basis.

14. Reconciles e-time weekly and signs off after each pay period, compiles, approves or disapproves based on departmental allowable, scans and forwards PTO requests to Human Resources and monitors trends and generates reports as necessary.

15. Function as Crew Coordinator and/or Packaging Specialist as necessary.

16. Assists employees with professional development/training.

17. Reviews, counsels, evaluates, disciplines, hires and discharges employees with the assistance of HR.

18. Monitors and controls scrap. Monitors trends related to scrap and is able to disposition work orders in conjunction with MRB policy and procedure.

Requirements Education and Experience:

Bachelor Degree in related field or equivalent years of experience. Preferred 4 years of manufacturing and/or supervisory experience. This job requires the ability to perform simple mathematical expressions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and comprehension and compliance to written procedures. This job requires proficiency in basic windows application particularly but limited to word, excel and power point.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements/Specialized Courses and/or Training:

This job requires the employee to have the ability to read, comprehend and execute work instruction to package products accordingly. Must be able to conduct training regarding existing procedures, new procedures, safety and new product introduction. As well as having the ability to do production planning especially manpower requirement to ensure that work orders are done on time. The technology and the frequency of the technology required to perform this job are as follows; the occasional operation of the label printer and weighing scale and the frequent operation of the Fuji Sealer, air guns, Alloyd Heat seal machine, label dispenser machine, heat oven, robotic automatic laser marker, manual laser marker, single station induction bonding machine, dual station semi-automated bonding machine, torque fixture, comparator, micrometer, calipers, tappi chart and other related inspection gauges and the burst testing machine. Knowledge of administrative procedures, and computer software systems. First Aid/CPR/AED. Leadership Training, Supervisory/Management Training. GMP/cGMP.

Machine, Tools, and/or Equipment Skills:

Blister Machine, Impulse Sealer Machine, Burst Testing Equipment, Peel Test and Pull Test Equipment, Label Dispensers, Label Printers, Heat oven, Robotic Automatic Laser Marker, Manual Laser Marker, Single Station Induction Bonding Machine, Dual Station Semi-Automated Bonding Machine, Torque Fixture, Comparator, Micrometer, Calipers, Tappi Chart and other related inspection gauges.


Arthrex, Inc.

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