Photopolymer Scientist/Engineer

Job Description

This is a hands-on senior scientific position. The successful candidate will be expected to directly contribute to some or all of the following:

Expanding and controlling the material compositions and structures available by 2PP and 3DMSL;

Investigating fabrication of low density and metallic structures;

Increasing 2PP writing speeds through, for example, optical engineering, advanced motion control, and/or photo polymerizable resin and initiator development; and

Developing 2PP process models that can guide the development efforts.

The successful candidate will work as part of a team responsible for research, development, and fabrication of diverse components with very high dimensional tolerances. These components comprise targets used by experimenters at DOE National Laboratories and other institutions with large high-power laser facilities. They are complex assemblies on the scale of a centimeter but with sub-micron tolerances. The target components are composed of various metals, polymers, polymer films, aerogels, metal coatings and precision manufactured components. The components are precisely assembled and characterized via conventional microscopy, interferometry, and optical coordinate metrology.

The primary activities for this position are:

Planning, directing, and executing an ongoing research and development project in the areas of micro-to-nano scale fabrication of 3-dimensional polymer structures by 2-photon polymerization (2PP), 3-D micro stereo lithography (3DMSL), and combinations of these techniques.

Maintaining and establishing collaborations with scientists and engineers from industry and academia on this cutting-edge research, the successful candidate will be expected to expand these collaborations.


PhD in a relevant technical field with 2 years postdoctoral or other work experience, or M.S. degree with 5 years relevant work experience

Demonstrated ability to perform the work described through relevant publications, presentations at professional meetings, etc.

Solid knowledge of polymer photochemistry and attendant physical processes.

Working knowledge of optics, lasers, and photonics.

Excellent analytical skills.

Demonstrated ability for self-direction and to plan and direct the work of others.

Ability to successfully collaborate with scientists in academia and industry.

Excellent communication skills including ability to present results at reviews, professional meetings, etc.

Additional desired skills, knowledge, and abilities:

Laboratory scale chemical processing and synthesis.

Heat transport and analysis.

Familiarity with micro and nano fabrication and characterization techniques.

Familiarity with standard precision engineering tools and controls.

Experience with standard materials analysis and characterization methods (e.g. optical spectroscopy; SEM; optical, digital and laser-scanning microscopy, etc.).

Brian Motta
Facility Manager


Schafer Corporation

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