Process Engineer

Job Description

Dedicated to supplying high-quality petroleum products for more than sixty years, Hunt Refining Company has built a reputation for excellence. This reputation is a result of HRCís commitment to supplying and servicing its markets, while striving to be a good employer, respected corporate citizen and neighbor. HRC enjoys a strong corporate structure that embraces the core values of commitment to excellence, honesty, integrity, respect for the individual, teamwork and creativity.

Summary of Overall Job Description

The primary duty of the Process Engineer is to provide operations support, technical guidance, and troubleshooting for the refinery processing units and operating systems. In this role the Engineer assists in maintaining the safety, reliability, effectiveness, and profitability of operations under his/her responsibility.

Secondarily, the Process Engineer is responsible for improving the safety, reliability, cost effectiveness, and profitability of the refinery processing units and operating systems assigned to him/her. In this role the Engineer responsible for identifying areas where improvement is warranted and then designing the improvements, obtaining approval and support for the improvement, assisting in construction if needed, commissioning and troubleshooting of the improvement.

Thirdly, the Process Engineer serves as a primary technical point contact and process expert for the refinery and operating systems under his/her responsibility. In this role the Engineer serves in a supportive role for all HRC departments and organizations; such as the Management staff, Operations, Safety, Environmental Support Group, Marketing Personnel, Human Resources, etc.

Finally, the Process Engineer is to serve as a representative of HRC Management when dealing with personnel within and outside of HRC.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Operations Support:

∑ Perform process monitoring on day-to-day operations.

∑ Identify and troubleshoot process limitations/problems and lead in resolution.

∑ Follow trends in operational data and identify potential problems in early stages, communicate suspicions, and work toward avoidance resolution.

∑ Assist operations in unit or system start up, shutdown and preparations for equipment maintenance.

∑ Reduce cost of existing process through energy conservation, unit optimization, etc.

∑ Identify needed design or operational changes to maintain effectiveness of the processes.

∑ Advise Management of operational changes needed to achieve process goals and requirements.

∑ Perform PSM functions including HAZOP participation, resolution of HAZOP
recommendations, MOC preparation and review.

∑ Assist Operational Specialist in performance of their duties.

∑ Assist operations in development of unit and system procedures.

∑ Assist Operations and Mechanical personnel in resolution of issues they encounter.

∑ Assist in training, especially the technical aspects of the processes.

Process Improvement:

∑ Identify changes that are needed to improve the safety, reliability, profitability, etc. of process units or systems

∑ Develop and design attractive process unit or system changes.

∑ Prepare MOCís and obtain support and/or funding for changes

∑ Assist in commissioning and troubleshooting of unit or system changes

∑ Assist in improvement of unit and system procedures

Process and/or System Technical Point Contact:

∑ Become aware of all environmental rules that apply to units and systems and assist in compliance to the rules and regulations.

∑ Assist Environmental/Safety Department technically during maintenance of regulations and in development of new/or changing regulations

∑ Assist all other organization departments where technical assistance is required specific to the processes and systems.

Education and Experience

Minimum of Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from a four-year college or university. Three to five years related experience in a refining, chemical, or related industry.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations
∑ Valid Drivers License.

Additional Information

Must have the following:

∑ Ability to work in a team environment

∑ Leadership and motivational skills for peers

∑ Self motivated with desire to learn and develop new skills

∑ Exhibit a can do attitude and spirit of cooperation

∑ Support management objectives

∑ Subject to periodic on-call duty and non-scheduled call-in


Hunt Refining Co.

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