Process Engineer

Job Description
Plan, organize, implement, and control process and product improvement opportunities as defined by business, production, and marketing goals.

Technical Improvements:
Define and prioritize improvement opportunities based on inputs from business units and industry trends. Proactively seek out opportunities from operators, customers, consumers, industry leaders, suppliers and maintenance personnel.
Plan and conduct studies, trials, and research to determine the feasibility of opportunities for process and product development. Define associated costs/savings, process changes required, and perform risk/benefit analysis.
Personally conceive, develop, and implement improvement opportunities.
Clearly define objectives of trial and research activities.
Actively participate in data collection.

Implement changes based on results of research, trials, or studies. This may require crew training, procedures, and systems upgrades.
Seek feedback from business units and operating crews to insure that the planning, organization, implementation and control of process/product improvement stays on track.
Have daily interaction with crews or departments where active development work is progressing.
Provide detailed procedures, worksheets, and training for technicians involved with improvement work.

Fully document and communicate results, conclusions, and recommendations to the business in a timely manner.
Insure the desired results are enduring by conducting and communicating post-implementation audits.
Inform crews of progress or roadblocks encountered with projects, both written and in person.
Keep manager informed of roadblocks, changes in project scope, and changes in project timelines.
Assist in daily machine management, including troubleshooting and minimizing downtime.
Assist in on call rotation with other managers.

Understand and rigorously follows all safety procedures within departments where work is planned.

Basic Qualifications
Bachelorís Degree in engineering, paper making or related field required.
Minimum of 5 years of experience working in paper making or related manufacturing field required.
Working knowledge of statistical techniques.
Strong communication skills and desire to work effectively with a diverse customer base.


Clearwater Paper Corporation

Job Code

State or Province

North Carolina

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