Process Engineer

Job Description
Job Description
In general terms, the duties and responsibilities of a Process Engineer pertain to the metallurgical integrity of the cast turbine blades and vanes. As such, the associated tasks include:

Casting Process Control

Evaluate and refine process parameters that impact solidification via gating, casting parameters and various heat transfer aids.

To aid in casting cleanliness, evaluate and incorporate use of metal laundering filters, and wax patter dressing procedures and mold cleaning practices.

Specify and evaluate, as needed, refinement in mold making (investing) procedures.

Cost Control

Continuously improves processes to reduce casting scrap resulting from grain, x-ray, fluorescent penetrant, metallographic and visual examinations of the part.


Utilize statistical and graphical analysis techniques.

Initiate and interface with all levels of manufacturing, management, suppliers and customers.

Required Skills
B.S. Degree in Metallurgy/Metallurgical Engineering, Materials, or other related technical discipline preferred.

Computer literate.

Self starter, eager to learn, detail oriented, good communication and interpersonal skills.

Required Experience
Require 2 years of experience in process engineering of equiax, directionally solidified, or single crystal castings. Prefer extensive background in process design in tow of three (EQ, DS, SX).

MUST provide salary requirements for consideration.

NO Relocation


Precision Castparts Corporation

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