Process Engineer

Job Description
Ultradent is seeking a Process Engineer with a solid background in manufacturing to help us make evolutionary improvement changes to our production processes. Our goal is to produce our products in a lean and robust way to ensure we operate both reliably and cost-effectively.

Job Duties:
Lean Improvements -
Identify opportunities to improve presentation of materials to operators, reduce wasted movements, etc.
Develop poke yoke solutions and stick around to assure that they actually work
Participate in Kaizen events

Process Studies –
Pilot SPC analysis in problem areas to target where it can provide most bang for buck
Enact SPC efforts in production environments to identify process improvement requirements
Capability studies to evaluate specifications and their match with the capability of the process
Production trials to help test changes, new devices and equipment, etc. created by engineers or others

Validation Execution –
Perform the on-the-floor work of assuring that validations get executed well
Complete protocols, write reports, deviations, etc.

Skills Required:
Process familiarity with not only equipment, but with the procedures that are and/or should be followed to make quality product:
Create more meaningful and useful SOPs
Comprehensive failure modes analysis to avoid them happening in the first place
Develop the contents of process training plans (theory of operation, likely failure modes, important observations to make, etc.)
Most important on more complicated production operations like filling lines

Experience/Schooling or Degree Required:
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent demonstrated technical ability
3-5 years related experience


Ultradent Products Inc.

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