Product Manager

Job Description
Job Description

• Keyword Market Analysis

o Review high volume low competition keywords (Google trends)

? Make recommendations to SEM for conversion testing

o Review top converting/performing SEM keywords and identify pages that SEO should target. Once identified Search Engine optimize through on page SEO

o Work closely with promotions to target keywords both internally and externally that are similar to promotions & events.

o Analyze site and overall business competencies and identify target high level keywords that we should be ranking for. (i.e. appliances, lawn care, lawn mower, washers….)

o Competitive Research - Analyze competitors that are winning on our target high ranking keywords

• Internal Search Optimization

o Review and optimize top keywords

? Identify content gaps

? Identify linguistics gaps

o Review existing search rules to ensure that they are still needed.


o Trouble shoot search problems

• Reporting and Analytics

o Monthly/Weekly Reporting

o Daily Tracking/Reporting

o Events and Progress reporting

o Track click streams of SEM and SEO traffic for conversion analysis

• On Page Optimization

o Analyze pages for targeted keywords and semantic/supportive keywords.

o Update Title/Header to align with targeted Keywords

o Review and optimize on page copy

• Taxonomy

o Pro-actively recommend taxonomy changes for SEO and User benefit

o Review all on-going taxonomy changes to ensure SEO is being considered

• Training

o Train merchants and other teams on SEO & Internal Search best practices ý



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