Quality Control Manager

Job Description
Description Position Purpose: The Quality Control Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, and enforcement of the Quality Control System.

Position Responsibilities:

The development, implementation, maintenance, distribution and control of the Quality Systems program in accordance with ASME, and ISO:9001 requirements.

Development, implementation and maintenance of the Material Control Program.

Development, implementation and maintenance of the Inspection and test program.

Qualify and Maintain Qualification records of Inspection and Test personnel.

Development and maintenance of Measuring and Test equipment calibration program.

Development, maintenance and distribution of welding procedure documents.

Review and approval of NDE subcontractors, their facilities and qualifications.

Development, maintenance and implementation of the training program for all personnel performing activities under the control of the Quality Control Manual.

Development and implementation of quality procedures and process’s directly affecting quality (i.e. post weld heat treatment procedures).

Tracking and approving disposition of ISO Quality Action Forms (QAF’s)

Verifying disposition of QAF’s generated are implemented and sustained.

Performing Quality Audits

Maintaining ASME, NBIC and PED Endorsements.

Authorize the use of Code Symbol Stamps

Preparing and conducting ASME joint reviews.

Review and approval of project drawings, calculations, procedures and technical documents

Preparation of work package documentation for projects

Periodic verifications during fabrication that client and code specifications are being met

Oversee activities related to the Authorized inspector and ABS

Monitor shop activities in conjunction with the Quality Control Inspectors and the Material Control Coordinator

Attend department meetings and report on circumstances relating to the Quality Control function

Other Quality Control tasks as deemed necessary by the VP-Mfg

Support and maintain a Lean work environment

Position Requirements Summary of Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

Experience as a Quality Control professional in an ASME Code Fabrication environment

Technical School Degree, University Degree or equivalent training and experience

Strong leadership skills, including coaching and mentoring

Ability to communicate verbally or in written form with department and company personnel of all levels.

Ability to perform or have performed all the NDE and testing required for the items fabricated by the company

Ability to use commercially available software to prepare reports, analysis, weld procedures and other items associated with pressure retaining fabrication

Above average written and verbal communication skills


Bassett Mechanical

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