Research Associate Plant Physiologist

Job Description
Division: Biotechnology
Function: Trait Research
City: Durham
State/Province: North Carolina [NC]
Country: United States [US]
Position Title: Research Associate Plant Physiologist
Job ID: 3041

Role Purpose/Accountabilities:

*Assisting Agronomic Traits scientists with the design and execution of greenhouse and field experiments related to examining differences in various molecular and whole-plant phenotypic components in model and crop plant species

*Assisting in the development and implementation of robust and standardized greenhouse and field-based assays for various plant traits

*Routinely (i.e., daily, weekly, etc.) making observations and taking various phenotype measurements of crop plants (primarily corn, sugarcane, soybean and tobacco) in the greenhouse and occasionally in local field plots.

*Assisting in the setup and execution of greenhouse and field-based experiments; e.g.,
taking pot weights, transplanting seedlings, collecting & processing tissue samples, etc.

*Assisting in the performance of basic lab experimentation related to crop plant characterization.

*Prepping and processing (grinding, aliquoting, etc.) plant tissue samples (leaves, stems, seeds, etc.) for downstream analysis. To include, but not limited to, corn, sugarcane, soybean, and tobacco.

*Collecting and cataloging various plant tissues from crop plants grown in the greenhouse and in local field settings.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Critical knowledge:

*Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in plant biology, plant physiology, or a related field.

*An understanding of basic statistics for experiment design and data analysis is desirable for this role.

Critical skills/experience includes:

*Experience working with plants and plant materials in greenhouseand/or field settings

*Experience taking phenotypic measurements of plants in greenhouse and/or field settings including (but not limited too); pollination notes, leaf and other tissue measurements (color, weight, morphology, general appearance), as well as physiological measurements such as stomatal conductance and chlorophyll fluorescence.

*Experience with nutrient dosing systems or other technologies used to control/meter water and nutrient addition to plants is beneficial.

*Experience working with transgenic plants (i.e., experience working with regulated materials) is desirable

*Proficient at Microsoft Word and Excel.

Critical Technical, Professional & Personal capabilities:

*Ability to work in a team environment.

*Ability to learn and work quickly and efficiently

*The ability to keep track of tasks and manage own workload to meet timelines

*The ability to stay organized is absolutely essential to this role.

Critical Success Factors & Key Challenges:

*Ability to work in a team environment.

*Ability to stay organized and take accurate and reliable notes is essential.

*Ability to keep track of tasks and manage own workload to meet timelines

*Ability to keep an accurate and reliable accounting of materials and their respective sources/destinations.

*Ability to function independently

*Commitment and adherence to specific stewardship rules regarding GM plant materials is essential.

*Willingness and comfort to pro-actively consult with scientists and senior scientists within the group

Additional Information:

*All applicants must be eligible to work in the US.



Job Code

State or Province

North Carolina

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