Research Associate

Job Description
Job Description

The Protein Sciences group is seeking a talented scientist at Research Associate level who possesses a broad background in cell culture involving protein expression from bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell culture systems and cell based assays. This candidate should be able to work independently in a fast-paced/collaborative environment, and be willing to learn new techniques in the areas of protein expression, purification and analytical characterization.

Essential Functions

Responsible for protein expression activities including target protein, Fab and monoclonal antibody.

Play a key role in developing new protein expression methodology to facilitate company technology development.

Assist cell based assay development based on project needs.

Perform the characterization of physical-chemical properties of therapeutic protein and antibody lead candidates. Support analytical method development activities for both internal and external LFRP projects.

Assist in bench scale protein purification as needed.

In charge general cell culture Lab maintenance responsibilities.

Required Skills

Practical knowledge and proficient skills in all aspects of cell culture, ideally with the experience of recombinant protein expression using HEK293 and CHO cells

Knowledge on E.coli and Yeast expression systems is desirable.

Familiarity with cell based assay development would be preferred.

Basic knowledge of protein physical-chemical property characterization. Hands-on experience with HPLC assays, electrophoresis, Western, ELISA would be a plus.

Basic protein purification knowledge. Hands-on purification skills can be trained.

Self-motivated, strong communication skills, and team player

Required Experience

BS with 1-3 years industry experience


Dyax Corp.

Job Code

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