Research Associate - Oncology

Job Description
Design, develop, execute and implement in vivo and in vitro anti-cancer projects.

Make detailed observations of tumor growth, collect and analyze data from in vivo and in vitro studies, interpret results and report findings to management.

Investigate, create, and develop new analyzing methods and technologies to analyze specimen and test the new target for the project advancement and potential development.

Engage in animal handling, surgery, dosing (IV, IP, IM, and SC), and tumor implantation (SC, IV and orthotopic), dissection, and necopsy.

Perform animal tissue and other sample processing and analysis including but not limited to tissue fixation, embedding, cutting, and staining (H&E and IHC).

Apply molecular biology and biochemistry techniques (including but not limited to mammalian cell culture, preparation of cell/tissue lysates for RNA, DNA, and protein analysis, western blots, ELISA, and other biochemistry assays to study the response of tumor xenografts or cultured tumor cells to novel treatment as a part of the effort to identify and validate new cancer therapeutic targets.

Conduct cell based assays for new target evaluation, cell proliferation, survival, and invasion.

Perform new assay development and inventation for new target protein testing.

Education and Experience:

Requires a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Biochemistry, or a related field + eight(8) years experience in the job offered.



Job Code

State or Province

New York

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