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Overview At Abbott, we provide the perspectives and experience necessary to translate science into real solutions for patients in over 130 markets worldwide. Today, Abbott's nearly 90,000 employees are doing work that matters.

The Department of Comparative Medicine, R403 is responsible for assuring that all animal model-based research and development conducted at Abbott Laboratories is performed in a humane, regulatory-proper, scientifically-sound and socially-acceptable manner by properly trained scientists and to advise management of pending legislative changes that impact this responsibility. In so doing, the Animal Care Program provides the scientific support and technical training for research scientists and their groups in all Lake County Abbott divisions (ADD, GPRD and Nutrition). The organization purchases, quarantines and provides health surveillance, preventative disease programs and daily husbandry and care for all laboratory animals in Abbott’s Lake County facilities. The functions performed are regulated and must comply with the USDA’s Federal Animal Welfare Act, the FDA’s Good Laboratory Practice Regulations (for respective areas), the Public Health Services’ (PHS) Assurance Program and other relevant health, safety and emission regulations (e.g. OSHA, EPA). The department has primary responsibility for assuring Abbott’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Program meets the standards for continued accreditation by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC).

Position has three major functions:

1. Training specialist for animal care/animal husbandry technician staff by providing hands on training for all departmental tasks and requirements (includes all regulated training).

2. Liaison with GPRD Compliance initiatives as they pertain to Comparative Medicine.

3. Operations coordination, which includes oversight of facility supplies, management of animal resource program (ordering, tracking and disbursement of required animal resources for all animal resource needs at Abbott), collaboration with security division for personnel access to animal buildings, USDA inspection facilitation and group leader support for office staff. All animal related research at Abbott Park (as well as GMP and GLP regulated laboratories) relies heavily on the proper coordination of this function.


1. Delivery of required regulated and non-regulated training for Comparative Medicine organization.

2. Maintain all training records and department liaison with applicable Compliance/Quality Assurance departments.

3. Assist in delivering required training of all non-departmental; employees/contractors (Animal Program Overview and Welcome to the Animal Facilities).

4. Assist in collecting data for key performance indicators on a monthly basis (census, FTE hours, training, etc.).

5. Maintain Safety profiles by being primary focal point of contact for departmental personnel and the appropriate QA/Safety representatives.

6. Assist with AALAS (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science) certification classes/training when needed by giving weekly class instruction for Assistant Laboratory Animal Technicians and Laboratory Animal Technicians.

7. Maintain/Create/Update training modules for specific departmental tasks/jobs.

8. Function as back up Group Leader as needed. Tasks will include, but are not limited to timecard entry, roving facility direction and support, as well as acting group leader for office personnel.

9. Oversight of organization animal care supply needs.

Position’s primary focus is to provide consistency in training throughout the department, as well as serve as Office coordinator. The office serves as the hub of the animal care program since all ordering of animals is routed through it. It is the focal point of questions by investigators regarding access, animal supply and other general animal related questions. This position will serve to coordinate all efforts pertaining to this function by providing group leader support to personnel assigned to these tasks.

This position requires strong problem solving abilities. Many issues raised by investigators require quick responses or creative solutions to problems. Different personalities, learning abilities and speed of staff require creative training techniques to efficiently train all employees, while still imparting a consistent knowledge base.

This position is accountable to the Training Supervisor, Operations Manager or Director of Comparative Medicine. Decisions made will indirectly impact the care and well being of research animals in the animal facilities. The consistency of the training program depends on the initiatives and direction of this position to ensure that the Comparative Medicine Staff is compliant with applicable regulations as well as ensuring that the animal care staff is trained to utilize the most up to date animal care practices and techniques. Compliance to all regulated areas of business is paramount to the success of all in vivo research that is conducted at Abbott Park.

This is a training position that requires minimal supervision by manager to make decisions regarding compliance and training initiatives. Decisions concerning the preparedness of individuals to advance in their training may rest with this position and their judgment is highly valued in this area. Concerning compliance initiatives, much direction is still required from both Compliance/Quality Assurance organizations and the Comparative Medicine management team; however input from this role regarding the department’s position is recognized to be a knowledgeable authority.

Skills/Experience Requirements Position Titles or Description of Experience:

• Animal care technician or Animal health technician: 3 years

• Experience in a GLP/GMP regulated environment: 2 years

• Compliance/QA/Animal Care Training: 1-2 years

Total combined minimum years or experience required: 4-6 (Not necessarily the sum of above)

Communication skills are extremely important, as are presentation skills. Computer skills and a good understanding of spreadsheet mechanics (Excel) are needed. Familiarity with producing or manipulating PowerPoint presentation is also desired.

Education Requirements AALAS certification: Laboratory Animal Technician level attained.

Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) eligible with tangible efforts to attain certification.

Significant Work Activities & Conditions Continuous sitting for prolonged periods (more than 2 consecutive hours in an 8 hour day)

Continuous standing for prolonged periods (more than 2 consecutive hours in an 8 hour day)

Lift, carry, push or pull weights of more than 20 pounds/9 kilos on a regular/daily basis

Work requiring repeated bending, stooping, squatting or kneeling

Work with human blood or other potentially infectious materials

Work with infectious organisms or known infectious materials

Work with or near radiation sources and/or radioactive material

Work in noisy environment

Wear a respirator more than 20% of the workday

Wear ear plugs

Percent of Travel No traveling

Country USA

State/Province Illinois

Site Location Lake County, IL


Abbott Laboratories

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