Senior Compliance Manager – Monitoring and Audit

Job Description
Novo Nordisk is seeking a Senior Compliance Manager to join our team in Princeton, New Jersey. The Senior Compliance Manager will manage, develop and participate in the planning and implementation of the monitoring and auditing functions for the Compliance Department at Novo Nordisk to ensure compliance with policies, guidelines and the laws and regulations that impact marketing, sales and research at Novo Nordisk

Job Responsibilities

The Senior Compliance Manager – Monitoring and Auditing will ensure that monitoring operations of various company records, reports, and areas of Sales, Marketing and Medical are designed, developed and operational; and ensure audit plans for specified operations within these areas are developed and executed on a regular schedule, and the results of any monitoring or auditing are made available to the line of business and others with responsibility for maintaining compliance within the Company. Follow-up and assist with any necessary activity to ensure compliance with Company policy and the laws and regulations that impact the area under review.

Additional requirements for this role include:

· Identify areas of risk at Novo Nordisk Inc. and manage and assists in the development of monitoring or auditing plans that will mitigate risks and help build upon our Company’s culture of compliance and Doing the Right Thing in furtherance of the Novo Nordisk Way.

· Manage, design and implement monitoring operations to detect potential violations of Company policy and the laws and regulations that impact the pharmaceutical industry

· Develop audit plans to study various functions within Sales, Marketing and Medical and personally carry out the audits or manage internal or external auditors and ensure completion of the tasks required by the audit plans

· Report the results of the monitoring operations and any audits to senior management and line of business for the area under review

· Work with the audited or monitored areas and follow-up on any areas that require corrective action

· Interface and collaborate effectively with Legal, Human Resources, Finance, NNAS Group Internal Audit and other relevant departments as required

· Prepare reports of monitoring operations and any audit findings

· Provide assistance to Novo Nordisk colleagues in other departments as appropriate

· Ensure that reporting personnel have 3P forms with annual goals and measurements that are consistent with the priorities of the business, and that interim reviews are held so that their work is focused on those priorities, and they understand their level of accountability for results and the measurement process

· Ensure that the IDP forms include completed Learning and Aspiration plans and are in place for all reporting personnel to enable the achievement of goals and capability to assume increased levels of responsibility

· Manage the application and communication of all Novo Nordisk policies, procedures, and Novo Nordisk Way

Job Requirements

· Bachelor's degree or equivalent required;

· Minimum of 7 years overall experience, with 4+years of experience in the development of monitoring operations, and planning and
conducting audits within the pharmaceutical industry required·

· Possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutical industry regulations and guidelines (e.g. FDA, PhRMA Code, Federal Anti-Kickback, False Claims, etc.) required;

· Knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and/or product related practices required;


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