Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics Molcular Assay

Job Description
DxTerity Diagnostics is in need of a knowledgeable and experienced Staff Scientist for its Assay Development group. The candidate will be responsible for working with Commercial Partners and Internal Researchers to design and develop new molecular diagnostic tests. The candidate will be responsible for analyzing existing data sets and translating gene signature tests onto DxTerity’s NEAT platform. The candidate should be well versed in all aspects of developing quantitative oligonucleotide probe-based gene expression technologies and assays, statistical and bioinformatic analysis and probe design. The candidate should be hands on and comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic company. The candidate must be results-oriented, with a demonstrated ability to work efficiently to achieve time-sensitive milestones. Excellent communication skills is a must.

Essential Functions:

Design and develop new genomic assays based on DxTerity’s proprietary NEAT technology.

Plan, manage, and execute assigned assay development-related projects utilizing established best practices and/or innovative procedures, applying engineering and scientific knowledge and accumulated experience to complete projects.

Analyze data, evaluate results, form conclusions, and provide and/or implement product, process, or documentation improvements.

Document work results in the form of laboratory notebook entries, written reports and/or company presentations. Documentation must be clearly understandable to the target audience and compliant with requirements of regulatory agencies and/or protection of company intellectual property.

Develop a good understanding of competing technologies and new technical advances so as to effectively utilize current best practices and devise robust solutions to technical problems.

Ensure activities are consistent with project critical path, and respond appropriately to changing priorities. Manage activities and assigned projects to reach agreed objectives.

Work closely with team members in a collaborative environment.

Develop work plans and approaches to deliver results as efficiently as possible.

Adjust work schedule meet time-sensitive project milestones.

Nature and Scope:

Participates with team members to design, develop and analyze molecular diagnostic assay results. Works in the lab and coordinates activities with team members and collaborators.
Develops an efficient work plan for the achievement of goals and able to develop novel solutions to overcome obstacles.

Measures of Contribution/Impact:
Contribution is measured through, but not limited to, timely achievement of program milestones, innovative solutions to complex problems, new product development, and and effective team participation.

MS or Ph.D. in molecular biology, statistics, bioinformatics, biological and/or chemical sciences.


5+ years of relevant experience developing quantitative gene expression platforms and assays.

Previous experience working in a commercial setting preferred.

Demonstrated ability to solve complicated problems.

Prior experience in developing and commercializing new products a plus.

Key knowledge includes:

Broad knowledge of molecular biology and genomic analysis methods.

In depth knowledge of RNA analysis methods.

Advanced technical writing skills to produce reports and documents.


DxTerity Diagnostics

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