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Job Description
Apply for PositionLS9 is seeking a senior level industrial biotechnologist to join its Research and Development department. LS9 has an expanding portfolio of fuel and chemical programs for which very experienced scientific leaders are required. The successful candidate will be an established scientific leader that will contribute broadly and deeply across LS9's fuel and chemical programs and may have roles ranging from individual contributor to program and/or department management. This is a rare senior-level position that will have significant responsibility and requires direct experience in the participation and leading of multidisciplinary technical teams and activities aimed at the development and commercialization of industrial biotechnology products. This is a growth opportunity in one the most regarded private industrial biotech companies in the sustainable fuel and chemical space.

Position Duties:

Provide technical leadership across diverse product development projects, establishing technical priorities, engineering objectives, and research plans.

Analyze diverse and complex data from across functional groups, draw objective conclusions, and communicate decisions and recommended actions to advance technical programs.

Establish biocatalyst engineering goals and strategies that reflect true process requirements and translate to direct economic objectives.

Design and personally execute practical and focused experimental strategies to meet technical goals and timelines.

Participate in the definition and development of product and technology related intellectual property.

Work within multidisciplinary technical and product development teams.

Lead, contribute, and follow as required and appropriate within project and competency teams.

Effectively communicate objectives, progress, and recommendations internally across functional units and externally, as required, using written, graphical, and verbal media as appropriate.

Train, mentor, and educate as required across functional groups and technical levels.

Manage project or competency group individuals as required, including the development and implementation of career development plans for possible reports.

Position Requirements:

PhD or equivalent in chemistry, biochemistry, synthetic biology, chemical engineering, molecular biology, bacteriology, or other relevant science and at least 10 years of industry experience in the field of industrial biotechnology.

Specific knowledge of cell, metabolic, and protein engineering for the large scale biological production of industrial products, such as fuel and chemicals, is absolutely required.

Deep understanding of microbial metabolism, physiology, fermentation, enzymology, biocatalysis, synthetic biology, chemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and/or analytical chemistry.

Extraordinary ability to process and interpret diverse and complex data, make objective decisions and recommendations, and to influence others using quantitative data-driven arguments.

Demonstrated ability to work directly with process engineering teams to establish process economic requirements and to translate those effectively into targeted biocatalyst performance engineering goals.

Outstanding track record of successful technology, process, and or product development through the effective design and implementation of practical, focused, research/development plans.

Experience in the development and support of intellectual property strategy: submitting IDFs, writing patent examples, strategizing claims, supporting prosecution, and working directly with IP counsel.

Exceptional ability to simply communicate complex ideas across functional groups and management using written, graphic, and verbal strategies.

Strong desire to demonstrate scientific leadership through the design and execution of elegant experiments from within the lab.

Demonstrated ability to work within diverse teams as either member or leader.

Demonstrated ability to teach and mentor those less experienced, desire and ability to learn from others of any level, and the confidence to recognize the importance of both.

Outstanding time management skills.

Demonstrated excellence and commitment to laboratory safety and citizenship.


LS9, Inc.

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