Strain Development Engineer

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More than a promising technology, Joule is advancing a platform for renewable fuel and chemical production that is expected to eclipse the scale, productivity and cost efficiency of any known alternative to fossil fuel today.

The Strain Development Engineer will build and maintain a small-scale piloting program within the biology group, helping to design various lab-scale reactor setups and implementing these reactors to evaluate strain capabilities at simulated outdoor conditions and to obtain performance data to guide scale-up of processes employing fuel-producing microbial strains. The Strain Development Engineer will need to interact closely with the biology team but also be highly proficient in small-scale fermentation design, implementation, analysis, and data interpretation and communication.


Work with bioprocessing engineers to set up, maintain and improve lab-scale reactors to simulate various real-world process conditions

Operate reactors and generate data needed to evaluate strains and inform process design

Communicate effectively and frequently with biology team to design experiments and report results in an understandable, consistent and timely way

Attend and participate in larger biology results and strategy meetings


Candidates should have a BS or MS degree in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering or a related field and experience with bioreactor design and operation. The successful candidate will have strong organizational and written/verbal communication skills, will have demonstrated the ability to work flexibly and effectively in a team environment, and will share Joule's passion for making energy independence a reality.


Joule Unlimited

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