Employer FAQ's

What is the cost?

$25 per job posting.

There are no signup fees, subscription dues or other hidden costs.

How will I get billed?

Company address is provided by you during Employer Sign-up. Invoices will be sent to your attention at that address.

You can update the address on your Employer Sign-up page by clicking on Update Profile under Account Options.


How long will job stay posted?

North American Job Bank is a job archive. Unlike other job posting sites, job posts are not scheduled to expire or be removed.

How do I post a job?

Step One: Create an account if you do not already have one. Learn How

Step Two: Login Learn How

Step Three: Click the Post Job Now button on the Employer Home Page

Post a Job

Step Four: Enter your Job Information into the Add Job form. You can paste your entire job content into the Job Description field.

Step Five: Click the Submit button


Why can't I find my job posting on the site?

Submitted jobs are reviewed before approved and posted to the public.

Generally, your post will be available to the public within one business day. You can find it then.

Sometimes, a customer service rep will require verification before approval and will contact you via the number provided on the Add Job form.

How do I see candidates that applied for my job?

Candidate resume submissions will be forwarded to the email address provided when you posted the job. However, candidate submissions are also stored for 30 days and visible from your Job Postings Overview page.

Step One: Login Learn How

Step Two: Click on View My Job Listings under Account Options.

Account Options

Step Three: Click on View icon for corresponding job.

Posting Overview

How do I login?

Click the Login button on the home page.

Login button

Enter your email address and password then click the Login button.

Login field

How do I open an account?

Only employers seekin to post jobs need to open and account. Job applicants do not need an account.

Step One: Verify that you do not have an account already.

Step Two: Click on "Login" on menu bar of employer home page.

Login button

Step Three: Click on first time users sign up.

Login field

Step Four: Fill in Employer Sign-Up Form and click on Done button.

Login field

How do I renew my job posting?

There is no need to renew job postings as they do not expire.

Why do you require a phone number on job post submissions?

The number you submit on the Add Job form is not displayed on your publicly posted job. It is only used by NAJobBank representatives if we have a question about your post or need verification.

Why do you require an email address on job post submissions?

The email address you submit on the Add Job form is not displayed on your publicly posted job.
We require an email address so we can forward resumes submitted by applicants using the North American Job Bank online application form.

Can multiple users share the same account?

Yes. Using your account login, jobs may be posted for different contacts and even different company names.

Invoices for all posts made using your account login will be invoiced to you.

How can I update my company billing information?

You can update the address on you Employer Sign-up page by clicking on Update Profile under Account Options.

Update Profile

What job postings are prohibited?

Without limiting North American Job Bank's Terms of Agreement, the following are prohibited:

Postings describing: business opportunities requiring up-front or periodic payment; franchises; or pyramid schemes.

Postings requiring U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residence in the U.S. as a condition of employment, if not required to comply with law, regulation, executive order, or federal, state or local government contract.

Postings not complying with local, national and international laws, such as those related to labor and employment, equal employment opportunity and employment eligibility requirements, information use, privacy, information access, and intellectual property.

Postings containing screening requirements or criterion which are not a bona fide and legal requirement.

What is North American Job Bank's policy with Job Aggregators?

Job aggregators are welcome to collect jobs from our website and link applicants back to specific jobs on our website.

The URL http://www.najobbank.com/main.asp?uri=999&type=csmfe provides a map to job listings.

Note that North American Job Bank is an archive and that the lowest number map pages are the most recent listings. If it is your website's policy to only list active jobs then it is advisable to scrape only from the first five map pages.

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